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DANCEmandala Facilitator Training Level 1

Start date 16 February

Self-paced study supported by online material and live sessions. Application is open

Take a creative and mindful approach to modern lifestyles and adjust to the current world while staying connected, balanced, and thriving. This course offers more than just a facilitator qualification but tools and space to cultivate your inner healing capacity in a supportive and heart-warming global community.

*Flexibility *Interactive *body-mind-spirit alignment *Embodiment *Mindfulness *Engaging *Regular practice *Community

DANCEmandala Virtual Facilitator Program

Alignment programme for certified DANCEmandala facilitator

Learn tips, guidance, resources and support. Start now on the school virtual platform.

This program will help you start your online facilitation right away while providing you the opportunity to advance at your own pace toward a DM virtual specialist facilitator qualification. Join us! There’re 5 creative and exciting steps we will move through together. Next start date 12 January 2021.

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