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Awaken your inner dancer, tap into your natural rhythm and creative potential through embodied mindful movement contemplation

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School of Moving Stillness is a platform that holds personal and spiritual development programs. The aims are to provide tools and support the investigation of Self, Awareness, and interconnection. The term ‘school’ is used here to hold the vision of an engaging environment of Self-directed learning and practice. 

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We explore movement, meditative dance, healing expressions, and practice with awareness to investigate, clarify, connect, and inspire ourselves to live, grow and express from the core essence.

~ Areeradh

Warmly welcome everyone with a curious mind and willingness to move. If you’re interested in experiencing mindful movement, eternal freedom and joy, flow, and vitality, you’re ready for the challenge! Dive into self-transformation through dance, embrace your inner teacher, and become a life-long dancer/learner of life.

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