A Rock and a Heart

It took a while for the shape of the fish to become identifiable under the fast-moving water. It was about the size of a salmon and greyish brown in its color. It was a clear early afternoon by a fast-flowing river. The river beds were rocky and visible under the crystal clear cold water. But the rushing current gave a blurred vision of what’s underneath the water.

The fish was spotted because of a subtle movement that it made before I stopped, a little move from one spot to the other, closer to the side of the river bank where I was, a kind of a very small slight sideways direction.

Careful not to disturb the fish, I paused in the silent presence and just offering the moment a gentle watch. The fish was not swimming but facing the current and keeping in one spot. As if it was waiting for something or just there meditating. Curious, alert, and calm.

After a period of observation, a small rock was there too by the heart of the fish (underneath its head by the base of the fish’s mouth) The small rock looked smooth and almost a round shape. It was there positioned in an agreeable way that seemed to make sense. And the fish now appeared to be moving in rhythm with the current which looked quite the opposite to the gross expression of the flow of the water. The fish seemed to just vibrate with its whole body. The energy of its movement was stable, vibrance, at ease, and strong, close to complete stillness but not locked-in or dissolving. It was full of alignment, balance, and solidity, the moving energy of life with wonders of its own natural form in full (fish-being) potential.

Then, and for a moment long enough to be felt, an invisible gate slides open in a none hurry relaxing pace. I felt the connection, the alignment. Both, in our own ways, sat back into that eternal realm of presence, immersed in the source essence, breathe a few breaths of freshness in that space of recognition. A heart is full of trust and ease by the little rock.

Then my right foot turned and step silently away, I followed and continued on that walk by the river.

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