An invitation to join DM online schedule

Revised 3 Jan 2020

An Invitation to DANCEmandala Associate Facilitator Membership (Jan – Dec 2021)

Despite all the challenges, ups and downs in setting up this DMV learning platform, it’s been a pleasure to witness all our blossoming in this DANCEmandala process both in our personal practice and the online facilitation. I hope you share my dedication to the school. I am inviting you along to continue on this dancing wisdom path together.

In this transitioning period, I have decided to move toward an associate membership framework as it feels this will give everyone more independence and a deeper sense of belonging.

I am inviting you to continue taking part in this platform as an ‘associate member’ and not as a customer or an employee. I’m happy to continue to offer you the access to the following benefits.

The benefits you will receive from joining this membership are

  1. A listing of your DMV live online on the school’s public calendar.
  2. A joint publicity on the school’s social media programme through the DANCEmandala Global both on facebook and instagram
  3. A unique zoom link and meeting room assistance for up to 5 sessions per month
  4. A unique paypal payment gateway and administration plus individual payment transaction statement via email.
  5. You receive your share of 60%*** from the total class fee of your drop-in classes after payment or paypal’s charge. This share will return to you as a donation towards your offering. This will begin on the 15 January onward.
  6. Access to new updates of your DMV Programme.
  7. Opportunity to join DANCEmandala annual conference and gathering (in person)

Plus these bonus offers:

  1. A dedicated single event web page on for your event with a unique url that you can use as your website and share with your contacts.  
  2. Access to ‘Flow Plus Dancer’ DM (live) online sessions for free 
  3. Access to on-going ‘DM Resources Hub’
  4. Opportunity to be featured on the email newsletter to meet more dancers

What to expect within this membership

  • Weekly email communications
  • Monthly payment totalling and balancing
  • Members meeting and voting as required
  • Revision and professional development training opportunities
  • Ad-hoc messenger from the DMV support group
  • Commitment to regular weekly facilitation both as lead and as support facilitators
  • Doing some publicity for your own DMV sessions

How to continue as an associate member

There are three ways to take part in the school’s virtual platform as an ‘Associate Facilitator Member’. The options are as follows.

  1. Donate funds as money toward the cost of running the school’s virtual platform. Please consider giving a monthly donation of between £22 – 35 to help us pay for related licences and administration costs.
  1. Volunteer to offer 2 or more sessions per month of regular DMV (live) online sessions for the ‘FLOW Plus Dancer’ subscription.
  1. Offer both your donation and volunteer to be on the FLow Plus Dancer schedule.

Please do feel free to let me know if you have any questions. ~ Areeradh

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