Balance as Foundation/Practice and reflections

When balance is out we’d most definitely experience discomfort, unwellness, unhappiness, and maybe even severe pain and suffering. So balance is utterly very important for all of us.

How do we develop balance in our movement meditation?

  • Start with our body – just simply finding balance in different parts of the body, in your posture, in your body structure.
  • Using small structural movement such as shifting from side to side, small circular movement at the joints, releasing the bodyweight downward, and allow your body to feel heavier but without collapsing your posture. Get in a habit of taking sufficient distance between your 2 feet when you are standing.
  • Use visualization and imagine balancing in the air, on the water, on solid ground, in a smooth moving car, etc.
  • Check-in with your balance at the start of the dance and again at the end of the dance.

✍ Share your thoughts. Please be invited to add your comments below:

  • What else we can explore in relation to physical balance?
  • How would you describe ’emotional balance’?

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