Taking it to the mastery level

In a simple, intuitive and connecting process.

Subscribe to the 'Flow Plus' membership plan. This portal gives you access to what you need to take part in the program.

Schedule your facilitation slots on DM virtual platform. This will initiate the 'teach to learn/learn to teach' process which is the main method in this alignment program. You will get access to utilise and contribute to the knowledge base, information portal, person-to-person support along the way.

Put time into reflective/active learning through building regular DM practice. Through enquiry, we will define further steps to move into 'FLOW Advanced' space. I envision we need a beginner's mind. Peer support and mentoring is an important element of this step.

Obtains the DM Virtual Specialist Facilitator status (certified). This step is about making sure that we acknowledge the quantitive and qualitative experience and shared knowledge emerging from this directed realignment.


learning teaching


Active enquiries


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