How to overcome challenges of online movement class

  • You must have the camera on and asked to be in the frame.
  • You feel watched, you’re constantly distracted by your own image on the screen.
  • You did a quick glance and saw someone has their screen off or with no light and you wonder if they are just watching the class..
  • You noticed when you had a quick look that there’s a screen that seemed to be frozen, no movement, no person. You feel some stuckness, un-attending, or abandonment quality of energy in the space.

What else is challenging about attending a movement class online? How did you overcome those challenges?


  • Areeradh

    Please provide your answer in the comment below. I encourage you to also read other’s replies as well but without responding to them. If you have questions or further ideas about this topic that you wish to discuss with the group, please take it to our next live Q&A session.

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