The Moving Body: Building your Practice with Body Awareness

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The Moving Body: Body awareness as a foundation

This course introduces the basic foundations of DANCEmandala and offers points of practice and movement clarification. The aim is to provide a clear and effective direction to support you in your own observation as you journey through this movement path.  I hope this course will inspire helpful intention and bring deeper understandings and meaningful inner connection for you.

Please feel free to get in touch with me or come along to the ‘Essence Circle’ to share your insights and learning with others.

I wish you a wonderful exploration and many blessings on your journey.

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[DML1.01|LCRED:20 points]

15 hrs of study/4 hrs practical / 1 hr contact/ 3 weeks duration

Course Content

Total learning: 12 lessons Time: 4 weeks
  • 1. Reviewing the Basics  0/6

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  • 2. Initiate your Body Awareness process, guided practice and support  0/4

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  • 3. Guided Dancer Practice and reflection  0/2

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