Updates for January 2021

Monday 25 Jan 2021

Hello All,
It’s a beautiful morning here in Bakewell, UK. The sky is so vast with soothing gentle blue and the Sun is shining clear and warm. 
Updates and notes as of this Monday.
1. Warm welcome back to Katy onto our online facilitation schedule. Katy will offer a session once a month on the last Friday starting this Friday 29th Jan. Please join her if you can, also helping with audio check if possible.
2. We are collecting feedback about the online course focusing on DMV Alignment Part 1. Please respond to Mirte’s recent email about this if you wish to contribute your input to help improve the way our online course can be presented better in the future.
3. A reminder about the free ‘Introduction to DANCEmandala and Flow live online’, link to it here:  https://school.dancemandala.com/courses/dm-flow-plus-intro/ Please enroll and read through it if you are interested in keeping-up-to-date with what we are offering to the public. 
4. If you wish your session to be included in the ‘Free pass’ section in the above intro course, please let me know.
5. I need your confirmation for the next 2 months. Please email me your facilitation dates for February and March and kindly send it via our DMV conversation email thread only by Fri 29 Jan.
I hope you are well. I look forwards to sharing the practice space with you this week.
Much love, Areeradh 💙

Monday 18 January

  • All DM Flow (live) online sessions on the DM calendar are all up-to-date. Every session now shared a generic description that I wrote. Please feel free to use it as an inspiration in your guidance or adapt it to respond to the aim of the text*. 
  • Your Zoom links are also updated in the same manner. There’s a short note added about the privacy policy to inform registrants how their information (email address and name) will be collected and processed by the DM School**
  • I gave each of your sessions a title that arose from my observation during my experience when I participated in many of your sessions. If you wish to change this. You are welcome to send me a new title and I’ll be happy to change it for you.
  • There’s an ‘Information hub’ for a member of FLOW Plus Dancer to access. It is offered in an online course format. This course will be sent to every new subscriber. This info hub is on-going in creation.  If you wish to be added to this hub to stay informed (recommended), please let me know, also let me know if you wish not.
  • All our sessions are on the Member Portal which now you have the link for the ‘Facilitator Gateway’. 
  • May I remind us that each one of us/you is/are responsible for keeping our session’s details, links, description up-to-date? Any changes that need to be made must be passed on to me well in advance i.e. class cancellation, cover, slot bookings etc. 

Finally, thank you for – giving free access to each other’s sessions. – for your renewed subscription/donation.- for adding your profile picture/avatar onto your user account at the school website.- giving time and attention to your Alignment Programme.

*Presenting DANCEmandala Flow (live) online gently as a movement-based practice that helps develop mindfulness. ** This data policy is provided to registrants from the DM School. This does not mean that individual facilitators will automatically have the right to use registrants’ data. If you wish to send a direct email or contact dancers who came to your session, you must inform me by email and also get proper permission for the dancer. If you need more clarification I am happy to discuss it with you in the DMV meeting.

Monday 4 Jan 2020

1. All DM (live) online sessions on the calendar are currently for flexible drop-in. This means participant will have an option to go through payment process to pay you before attending. They also have an option to register for access information without going through the payment process and then (optionally) pay after attending.

2. Your sessions will NOT automatically be added to the Member Portal from 15 Jan onward unless you tell me that you want to give/donate your sessions to the Member Portal. Only donated sessions will be added to the subscription-based schedule where subscribed users can access.

3. Right now I don’t have time or resources to process subscription-based payment for facilitators. Therefore, I can only accept ‘give as donation’ sessions from you as I will not able to manage your sessions on the Member Portal further than just add them onto the schedule and make sure they are up to date and accessible to dancers and subscribers. I hope this will change when enough people start paying for DM (live) online.

4. Access to the Member Portal is free to all DMV facilitators. It is also free now to registered users on the site until 15 Jan. After that I will offer a monthly subscription to dancers for a low price or on donation where they can continue to get direct access to sessions listed on the Member Portal. The aims are to make it easy for dancers to join a session and to help cover some of the costs of running this platform.


  • You can use the comment space below to contribute your questions, input and ideas.
  • There is a DMV meeting scheduled every Weds at 11am – 12pm GMT and on Saturday at 3.30pm GMT. Please join the meeting if you have any questions, feedback or comments or just to share a cup of tea. Here’s the meeting link again: REGISTER FOR THE NEXT DMV MEETING


  • Johnny Doyle
    January 15, 2021

    I’m happy offer all my sessions on a donation basis.

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