Embrace Celebrate and Dissolve

Flow with the Flow is the dance of dissolving the strong sense of ego, of I am a particular personality, with certain qualities and rights. All of these ‘I am limited to worldly identifications’ will always play their roles in everyday life moments. Whenever we get offended, upset, dissatisfied by others’ expressions, we may be taking it too personally and allow the personality within the emotional mind to take control of our simple experiences – our sense of joy and connection become limiting. We stop expanding and breathing into the heart and then the need and urge to fulfill an ego-mind kick in and we have to do more or do less or do it differently to the now. Suddenly we lose touch with the moment and are unable to receive the blessing that is right by our feet, beneath our noses. The looks of our bodies, the intelligence of our minds, the belief in who we are in the world, our names, our identities, personalities, gifts, etc – all of these are to be embraced with the wisdom of none attachment and celebrated in each moment not tomorrow or over there elsewhere in a better place than here. Embrace, celebrate, and dissolve is the process of Alignment. Once this wisdom is realized, there are no more needs to achive, quality to be, or to maintain. All are nourished in their own way and time. Then the becoming stopped. The Presence is just here sensing the earth’s body, realising universal mind, and observing the spirit returning to unshakable peace within.

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