Flow DANCEmandala with Zaz

Flow DANCEmandala with Zaz

Movement meditation (live) online group session

FLOW Plus Dancer | DMV Learn Credit | Open drop-in

This is a movement class offered online on Zoom video conferencing platform. Please be invited to our heart-warming community and the school of DANCEmandala virtual space to practice mindfulness through movement and contemplation. Each session follows the flow of the DANCEmandala intelligent map and guided by a certified and experienced facilitator. Join us from your own home or chosen space to dive deep into your dance or just come and enjoy movement and connection. All welcome. Read more: dancemandala.com

About the facilitator

Zaz (Elisabeth Obadia) lives between Chiang Mai and France. She is a practitioner of several meditations for more than 10 years, facilitator of DANCEmandala, Breathwork, Stillness, and Movement meditation. Photographer and chef, she also offers workshops combining conscious breathing with eating, cooking, and shooting.

How to Register

✅ For Drop-in Guest, please select the payment options below. After successful payment, you will be re-directed to the Zoom registration page where you can book your spot and get class access information. *In case you didn’t see the re-direction page after the payment, you can use this link:  REGISTER/GET ACCESS

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✅ If you don’t have money to contribute to your attendance. Please consider offering ‘energy exchange’ (Email us: info@dancemandala.com) And please come along and join the class anyway:) ~ Create space to explore your inner Abundance ~

Notes for New Participants –  Please read
Computer device

We recommend that your device is in good working condition. An up-to-date computer laptop is best for visuals and an immersing experience as you can see more of the virtual dance space. However, a tablet and mobile phone are fine to use if your WiFi is stable. Make sure to close all other applications on your computer to avoid any interference or slowing down of your Zoom connection.

Audio devices

Quality external speakers, in-ear, or a headset with a cable to connect to your computer. Using a cable connection is more stable than using a Bluetooth signal.  Any good smartphone earplug will work fine.

Internet cable or a stable WIFI signal

A stable internet connection is necessary for the best experience. We recommend connecting a cable directly from your internet router to your device if possible. Make sure you turn off all other devices in your location to avoid slowing your internet.

Find a private place for your session

Please make sure you can not be disturbed by household members or pets and turn off any phones that are not being used. Prepare your room so that it is contained, comfortable, and risk-free and has enough space for you to move your body safely. Also, make sure that you can have more time after the session to rest and be still.

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Mar 10 2021


5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Mar 10 2021
  • Time: 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm




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