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What is DM (LIVE) online

Natural, at ease, creative and healing are some of the qualities invoke by the experience of DANCEmandala movement practice. The meditative aspect is the core of each session which highlight inner stillness and flow. DM (LIVE) is offered on zoom video conferencing platform and so you can join the schedule from where you are. No experience of dance is required to attend. Every body is welcomed!

Some of our key words


Look ‘in’ toward your heart’s space and come ‘home’ to your body. This movement modality is an insight and awareness practice from the heart.


Tap into the source of your creative flow, feeling and emotion and let your movement grows from there. Express to balance, dance the known and the unknown and have fun!


Appreciate the land, the nature. Consume less, practice more for the wellness of our inner self and our planet. But keep the connection and the sense of wider perspective alive.


Offering supportive presence, healing music, gentle authentic guidance toward harmony. Move your body and awaken the whole being. DANCEmandala with us in this virtual platform, explore the mystery of quantum space time while remembering our true Self.