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Breathe with the Flow as the Flow

It’s the harmony of opposites, the balance of rhythm that dances with gentleness. Flow takes you beyond the body..

Embrace Celebrate and Dissolve

Flow with the Flow is the dance of dissolving. The looks of your body, the intelligence of your..

Tune in to April’s New Moon 2021

Enjoy the fire but remember to take it slow and steady. Let kindness leads the way in expression.

A Rock and a Heart

The energy of its movement was stable, vibrance, at ease, and strong, close to complete stillness but not locked-in or…

Let go of Distractions

Get to know the self, work on alignment, practice observation, study the mind and the subtlety of experiences..

Chant for Auspiciousness

Invoking Auspiciousness and let flow the Flow.. ripples ripples ripples from the Source into the fullness of Stillness…