Guidelines and Note for all Participants

Things to prepare if you are a 1st timer


Sounds good!

Getting good quality audio is depending almost entirely on your devices and their settings. To ensure to get the best experience from your live session is very important. Please give time to get to know your tools and how to use your devices in the best possible way.

  • 1 Get a stable internet connection

    Strong wifi is ok, but If you wish to commit to your own regular dance practice, we highly recommend using an ethernet cable to connect your device directly to your home internet router.

  • 2 A computer laptop or mobile device that has a camera

    It is recommended to use devices in good working condition and with an up-to-date version of the operating system. A good laptop, tablet or mobile phone with a camera works fine. For the best visuals and experience of 'space', you may want to connect to a smart TV monitor.

  • 1 Quality Audio Speaker or Headset and cable

    Good external speakers, in-ear or a headset. We recommend connecting an external speaker via cable to your device. If you use a Bluetooth device, make sure your device is fully charged.

  • 2 Create a free Zoom user account

    Sign up for a free account with Zoom so you can look around and get to know its settings. Check out the audio settings option.

  • 3 Prepare your Space

    Prepare your room so you can move around easily and safely. Having a cushion or blanket ready for your sitting and relaxation is a good idea too. Have your journal and pen nearby. You may want to create a corner for your altar if you feel. You may want to place items representing each element, and anything that reminds you of your peace and inner process.

Best Practices During the Session

  • 1 Be visually present

    As you log in to the session, you will be welcomed into the waiting area until it’s time to start the session. Once you are in the session please have your video on and make sure that you are in the frame whether you are moving, sitting, or resting on the floor. For safety, security, and group privacy, we invite you to participate fully and be visually present at all times during the session. Except when you have the need to leave the room for a toilet break etc.

  • 2 Control your own level of sound you hear

    Adjust the audio at the start of the session to the level that is comfortable for you. Please note that when you adjust the volume you are adjusting both volume of guidance and the music.

  • 3 Mute your microphone

    To help keep the audio quality clear for you and other participants, please mute your microphone during the session until the sharing part at the end.

  • 4 Let go, be at ease and have fun

    Each of us will experience the sound quality differently as it depends very much on the device that you use. If things are not going as you wish, just be and have fun anyway.

Containment and Privacy

  • 1 Attend the entire session

    We request that you log on with a device that has a camera so you can be visible during the session. This is part of the practice and to create a group experience for everyone.

  • 2 Find a place where you will not be disturbed

    It's important to create a private space or room for where no one else can enter while you are dancing and meditating online. This will support your DANCEmandala practice.

  • 3 Use vibrant but soothing Lighting

    Please consider using soothing light in your room. It is with a friendly recommendation that you consider using your lighting to offer vibrant energy to the group. Turning off your light in your room completely or having it poorly lit can be seen as hiding and uncertain. This does not mean that you have to show your face clearly but be visible enough on-screen to maintain a field of openness, trust, and contribute to a sense of safe containment for everyone participating.

  • 4 No screenshots, photos or recording

    For your privacy, we turn off ‘screen share’ and ‘recording’ functions, and we ask you not to take photos or videos using other devices during the sessions. The Chat function can be used if comment or feedback are needed, but we won’t be able to respond until after the session.