Let go of Distractions

Everyone wants freedom, but not everyone understands what it is to be free. An experience of being free is not something to get, given, or receive but it must be realized and felt. True liberation is already within the core of what we are. Each one of us is a being of radiance hidden underneath the layers of self. So what must we do? Keep getting distracted?

Let go of distractions within the mind is one of the ways toward true freedom. This can be done moment to moment by shifting the awareness from things that are distracting you from realizing and living your highest potential which is as being of love light radiance. Give your attention and effort toward activities, experiences, and places that help reminding you of your essence. Invest your time and commitment to all that which is transformational and liberating.

Let’s get up and shake the layers, get to know the self, work on alignment, practice observation, study the mind and the subtlety of experiences, look beyond the limited illusions of self and learn to move through the hidden gateways.

In a process of transformation, one simply can make a decision to get up and break open the cocoon of self, stretch out the wings of imagination, dance, move, create and fly.

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