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Updates in February 2021

Monday 22 Feb. (sent 23 Feb.)

Hello everyone, hope you are well!
And so the last Monday of February 2021 has come and gone and left just a few items for our attention. 
1. March’s facilitation booking calendar is open. Please take a moment to visit the facilitator gateway and make your booking for every session you will be leading next month (including the one that will be covered by others in your absence.) Here’s the link to the gateway:
2. ‘Two’ is the number of ‘FLOW Plus Dancer’ subscriptions we currently have.
3. ‘Three’ is the number of participants in the first DMV Facilitator training online course which begins tomorrow. And, there is just one person taking a revision, Lim Paik Yin. In exchange, PY will be helping me with video editing tasks specific to this course. I have granted her access to the ‘Members Portal’ so you may see her joining your session at some point.
Thank you for your response requested last week. See you soon.
Much love,Areeradh

P.S. If you are free and able to please join Mirte and me this Friday for her 1st DMV practicum.

Dear All,
Hope your weekend was lovely.
This week’s updates are more of a friendly reminder.1. The DMV alignment online Part 1 and 2 can be extended and retake again if you run out of time but still want to continue with it. Please just let me know. 
2. I have added ‘DANCEmandala & Art” to the schedule.
For your response, please.1. If you receive and read this weekly update, just type a quick ‘yes’ in the reply..2. If you no longer want to interact through this mailing group and not wish to receive this update please do not hesitate to unsubscribe from this email list but typing ‘unsubscribe’ in a reply.
Have a great week and stay safe.
Much love, Areeradh

Monday 8 Feb.

Hello everyone!
Thank you for all your responses to previous emails. Much appreciated. This week I am delighted to add Ambhika to our DMV facilitators group. A warm welcome to you Ambhika 🌻
And here are the items for this week as of today.
1. I am postponing the updating of the ‘Free intro course’ as it is not time effective for me to work on adding every session in it and promoting it at the same time. 2. I’m aware that you are all busy and have much to do already for yourselves and I totally understand that the required skills are specific. My previous call for volunteers was not a demand but an effort to work with you and I hope you understand that too :). Thanks for your response. The call is closed now. 3. I am initiating a project this month called ‘Dancers word, Movers flow’. It’s about reaching out to our dancers for an interview and movement images. The aim is to engage with them and offer something interesting for them to come back to practice with us. This way we grow this global community. I and Suzie are volunteers on this project.4. The and her school subdomain are being refurbished. I have decided to give more contents and share more about the DANCEmandala and I am working on this by myself so it is still in progress.5. If you wish to be introduced to the Newsletter like last week. Please create an interesting image of yourself with your word (like the one Tania did for herself that I put in last week’s newsletter.) Make sure it’s at least 800×800 pixels.
*If you have completed Part 2 of the Alignment program, please get in touch with me privately for our interview meeting so we can wrap it up. I wish to touch-base and finish this part by the end of March.* 
Have a great week!

Monday 1 Feb.

(((Once again, sending a big hug and much love to you Sebastien)))
Hello everyone,
A happy new month to you! 
Here are this week’s notification and action request

  1. I emailed each of you individually the payment transactions for your class. If you wish to invoice me this week please do, just total up the class fee (60% of the total after the PayPal fee) for the period of 15 – 31 Jan. Or you may want to carry it to the end of Feb. Please email me via our individual email thread. It will help me hugely to keep on top of all email correspondence. thank you.
  2. PayPal summary of the past 2 weeks can be provided to you upon request.
  3. Please be informed that online Level 1 training is now open for applications. I plan to begin this course on 16 Feb. If you know of anyone who might be interested please let me know.
  4. A gentle request to Please take a few minutes to review the last 2 email updates to make sure you didn’t miss anything.
  5. I did not get any more responses about volunteering (apart from Isabelle). So, I guess it’s a NO from everyone.

I’d appreciate any feedback from you about these weekly email updates. thanks.
Thank you to those of you who responded to last week updates 💙
I wish you a good week
Much love, Areeradh

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