Moments & Reflection

Updates in March 2021

29 March
I hope this one is not too long an email for you to digest.
Thank you everyone for letting me hear your thoughts and ideas about the PayPal issue. This experience is frustrating, taking a lot of time and the process of setting up as a business again for me is very boring! I know I have to do it and it won’t be easy and quick.
But for now please make some adjustments as follow.

  • Provide/announce your own payment details to your participant in the session. 

(For Johnny, Suzie, Zaz, Mirte we will use the DM payment gateway until you want your participants to pay you directly.)

  • Give your monthly contribution toward the DANCEmandala online platform by using one of the options in the DM payment gateway. I will inform Gaelle, Stephanie, and Soren of this too.
  • This item doesn’t apply to everyone, if it does to you, please total up all the previous fees you entitled to receive (each transaction was already sent to you via email). Let me know by email your total by 2 of April. Please then deduct the total from your next monthly contribution. 

Other items

  1. A warm welcome to Paik Yin onto this group.
  2. I have started to roll out some DANCEmandala specific resources to this group space. If you are interested to receive and interact with it feel free to click the links in the next section.

DANCEmandala specific resources to share with you and as part of my documentation. I intend to keep adding to them. Slowly but it’s happening. You are free to use it if you find it useful to you.

  1. Images shared folder in Google drive 
  2. Blog posts on general/publicity ideas

21 March

Hi everyone!
Hope you are doing well.
In the link below is a short survey I’ve just written and posted on the DM FB page. The aim of the survey is to find out about dancer’s experience of DANCEmandala live online and to invite further participation. 
If you are interested, please take a moment to give feedback yourself and helps it reaches more people by sharing about it. The results will be provided to us in a few weeks.

Thank you.

15 March

This week’s items
1. The DMV Alignment Part 2 module is extended until the end of April for the 1st group. If you haven’t completed it yet, and you wish to gain a formal completion and receive a certificate then I encourage you to explore it soon.
2. I haven’t started the Part 2 individual interview. But, it will be arranged after a questionnaire that I am preparing for you. This will be sent to you in good time before our one-to-one meeting. 
3. The 2nd group of DMV explorers (Magda, Ayana, Ambikha), please feel free to get in touch with me if you need any support and to get started with your online facilitation.
Note on publicity effort

  • If you use FB post to announce your session, consider alternate your posting between creating a standard DM event and just sharing a post about your personal experience of DM
  • If you like the newsletter idea, please consider making an image with your photo and word so we can feature it in our Newsletter. Make sure the image is at least 800×800 px
  • Let’s go for a ‘Fresh’ feeling.  New images added in the Images Library.

If you feel it, share it!  💙

9 March 2021

Warm greetings!
The update is there is nothing pressing to mention this week. Just my wish for you for us, moments of refined awareness, joy, and harmony.
Much love, Areeradh

1 March 20201

Hello everyone!
Let’s welcome March by holding colorful visions of vibrancy and true wealth – the wealth and prosperity that are especially in the form of good health, connections, and spaciousness of heart.  
And here’s this week’s items for your information and response.1. There are some changes to the DM Flow schedule, please check every detail of your events. Until I can get someone to assist me, I will do my best to respond to your schedule requests. For now please do not hesitate to give me any reminders if you feel it’s necessary. 
2. Please send in your invoice for the class fee for Jan & Feb. In the invoice please itemize all entries with detail of date, dancer’s name, and individual total after the PayPal fee. It is also an option to carry everything over to April if you want since there are not many payment transactions yet so far. 
3. Note on publicity effort:

  • If you’re using FB to gather more people to your session..
  • If you use FB to develop your DANCEmandala facilitator profile..
  • Then you may want to consider a ‘win-win’ approach with your posting. For example *When posting about your DM flow session, mention other sessions in the week and include the link to the schedule.*  This can be done sometimes and doesn’t have to be every time. See example below.


Have a great week and see you soon.

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