Reflection on what is DANCEmandala (live) online

I have written and provide the description in various places on this website. Below is a summary of What I see DANCEmandala online is.

It is a guided movement process that can be both engaging and meditative. Participants can approach each session in a dynamic or gentle way depending on how they perceive the energy of the session on the day and how they feel to respond to it.

DANCEmandala online is led by led by a facilitator and a support facilitator. It is offered live via a virtual meeting platform so dancers can attend from home or their own space, anywhere with a stable internet connection. We prioritize privacy and contained space. Therefore, our sessions are participatory live ‘meeting’ rather than watch- and-listen ‘webinar streaming’.  DANCEmandala is a meditation practice for healing and personal transformation. All participants are encouraged to be visually present and engage in the session.

Please provide in your own words, your current understanding of what DM (live) online is.


  • Areeradh

    A movement journey into my own truth and ease. A space to take a break and connect to conscious breath and my being at a deeper level of awareness.

    April 11, 2021

    What I sent you already with my picture : dancing allows me to explore in the most beautiful and raw way what belongs to me; my body, my heart, my emotions. And then at some point to let them express by themselves with confidence thus revealing my own potential, my own freedom, my own power.
    Dancing on line is a time I am according to myself, alone in my space where I can move the way I want without thinking of the way I look, I can make sound with my breath being fully present with it. During that time I can release what can be stuck in my body, I can meet others dancers from different place in the world, I can connect with “my Chiang Mai community” and feel their presence and support.

  • Mirte
    April 11, 2021

    For me DM is a self care practice. This dedicated time I have the opportunity to connect with all layers of me being. It’s where I can listen deeply and reflect. Especially because it’s online and I have no-one around physically. I can make sounds, move in any direction and don’t disturb others.

  • sebbritten
    April 23, 2021

    For me Dm is a ”medicine”, a self care practice. Practiced online, by myself, in my own space, it is a vehicule to dive deeper within my self and or, sometimes, momentarely, into spaces I try not to find a word to describe or understand. These moments of expression through (breath, mouvements, stillness, sounds I make, laughter or crying out loud) all alone in my space provide possibilities to get in touch with my true self,
    with raw emotions without direclty affecting others.

  • Zaz
    April 24, 2021

    It is a supporting practice to connect deeper with myself (my body, my feelings and emotions, my heart, my spirit…) through stillness and movement and stimulate my inner life process. It is a way to take care of myself, be more compassional, practice forgiveness, gratitude, acceptance… and let go what doesn’t serve me with awareness… or also being conscious that I’m not able to let go sometimes. Exploring DANCEmandala into a online mode has been a real discover for me as I feel really safe at home, like in a kind of cocoon and sometimes I go even deeper into my process than in a studio.

    May 3, 2021

    DANCEmandala online is a self-exploration & self care practice through movement. It is like a meeting with ourself, an opportunity to draw our awarness and intentions back toward our body, breath, emotions, sensations, internal expérience… It is a time & space that we choose & open from home, in the most intimate place ouf our life, to open a gateway to the intimate space of body & mind. It is an opportunity to consciously choose to meditate with ourself and other and connect to the whole world and life through movement, vibrations, intentions, prayers… It is a practice to reconnect to our true essence, to life and all being, whatever are the circonstance around us, and use the power of our loving intention for the benefit of all beings, from OM.

  • Johnny Doyle
    Johnny Doyle
    May 8, 2021

    In DANCEmandala I spiral inwards from what is superficial and distracted in me, towards what is most essential and truthful. Becoming more present in the here and now is what makes it a meditative practice for me. Through the carefully-chosen music and gentle guidance, I’m able to feel my body and breath more fully – also to listen more deeply to my inner voice and embody/express my creative spark! It is a very personal process, yet the presence of others doing this in a heart-centered way (especially the closing circle) is crucial as well.

  • Ayana
    May 11, 2021

    Dancing, commiting to a DM Session is finding home. Reconnecting to myself, no hiding, no running. Doing it in a group gives me the feeling of being held and supported and safe. Also while DANCEmandalaing I’m strongly connected to my breath what makes it so refreshing and grounding.

  • Suzie
    May 16, 2021

    The DM online practice for me is a space that allows me to connect with what feels real and true in my experience of the moment. An uninterrupted, dedicated, safe and supported space, where I can feel free to allow parts to arise that are normally inhibited during daily life and can allow things to arise into my awareness with acceptance and curiosity, bringing a greater sense of connection and a greater awareness of alternative perspectives and possibilities.

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