Why we keep a regular practice

In relation to your current learning or training process, what benefits do you think you will gain from having a regular practice of DANCEmandala as a dancer?


  • Areeradh

    Please provide your answer in the comment section below. I encourage you to also read other’s replies as well but without responding to them. If you have questions or further ideas about this topic that you wish to discuss with the group, please take it to our next live Q&A session.

  • Emma
    February 22, 2021

    « We don’t teach what we know, we teach what we are ».
    As I’m very agree with this sentence, I think that we need to live a practice to be able to teach it. So if I want to facilitate dance Mandala one day, I have to dance a lot to live many different experiences, to feel different emotions while dancing, and to live what the practice make me feel in my body and mind, in ordre to be able to accompanie futur dancers.
    In the same time, the practice of Dance mandala allows to become familiar with the processus. And it’s also important to practice with different facilitators to see different sensitivity, different ways to facilitate, different styles and different music atmospheres. So a regular practice with different facilitators, is absolutly a major thing to do to learn what Dance Mandala is.
    At last, practicing make me feel better : better in my body, more supple and more aware of my sensations, and it make me feel more resilient too, more flexible and more aware in general. I think that it’s wery important for a facilitator to develop this posture in life in general.

  • Murali
    February 25, 2021

    Thanks Areeradh, for the introductory session , yesterday evening Melbourne time . It was a pleasure meeting my fellow students and colleagues as well.

    Regular practice requires commitment and discipline, from me the student. I must admit it will be challenging at times since there are other aspects to my life. However knowledge without practice , is just going to be a static experience. Practice will enable me to reflect on my learnings and translate them into relevant and applied practice. Practice will be a pathway for me to fine tune my existing skills and to develop new ones

    I am a student in the first instance. No doubt I will draw on my own experience at times . My intention is to learn. With practice it is going to highlight what my strengths and contribution will be to the experience of Moving Stillness. With the same “breath” it is going to highlight the gaps in terms of my knowledge as a practitioner. Which is going to be very helpful .

    Am I dancer? according to the requirements of the Dance Mandala training ? Is a question I would like to further reflect and explore with the regular practice.

    For my learning , setting goals is essential . With the practice, these goals will be a beacon for me to see how I am progressing . Both personal and training goals.

    Looking forward to the training and experience. This experience is a gift to me, for me to learn and take the experience into to my personal and professional life.

  • Lim Paik Yin
    Lim Paik Yin
    March 3, 2021

    Hello everyone,

    Thank you for the wonderful session today. I am getting the hang of being in the course and navigating the time table.

    In this training having regular practice in DANCEmandala as a dancer allows me to listen and learn not only with my mind but also with my body. To be able to dance and move through each layer, I experience what is taught in theory. I also notice that regular practice gives me a deeper understanding of each DM layer & spiral. In today’s session, it is clear to me that having regular practice as a dancer in this course is very beneficial as we can experience the dance and share our insights and reflections after that.
    The biggest lesson I learnt today is that every dancer will have different ways of embodied knowledge and by keeping myself open to other ways of moving my understanding the practice multiply.

    Having the option to dance with different facilitators will help me to be more open to different ways of listening and facilitating. Dancing with a variety of facilitators will also allow me to experience many different ways to navigate each DM spiral. This can help bring new ways of moving and responding to life.

    For now, what is important for me is to remember my initial intention to participate in this course.

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